Strategy 2023

Throughout the year, the men and women of our Extended Enterprise were mobilised around key people issues. In addition to safety, which is our top priority, a number of initiatives were launched in the service of people: the transformation of our workplaces and the way we work together, the anchoring of our values, measures to support employees' purchasing power, etc. With positive impact as the cornerstone of its strategy, the Schmidt Group puts people at the heart of its approach.

Ambition 2024

To achieve our ambitious strategic plan and continue our evolution towards a company with a sustainable positive impact, we need to mobilise the women and men in our ecosystem. This acceleration of responsibility goes hand in hand with changes in our organisations, our businesses, our capabilities and our people. While preserving our DNA and strengthening our culture, we need to adapt to these new challenges and bring all our stakeholders on board, thanks to key human behaviours such as responsibility and collaboration!

Let's all play our part for safety!

Schmidt Groupe makes safety its priority. In 2023, the promising results show that the HSSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policy, the cybersecurity policy and the mobilisation of all employees are bearing fruit!

Many areas of work have enabled us to achieve new collective accident records. The HSSE organisation, the work on changing the behaviour of employees, the technical actions in the field and prevention are just some of the issues addressed to improve our safety results. Well done to all the Schmidt Groupe teams working to break the record for the most days without a lost time accident. They are working in line with the collective goal of the whole company: to achieve zero accidents in all departments. Here’s a look at the results in figures, and the celebrations in pictures.

+2 500

risk situations managed to prevent accidents


frequency rate, a record for over 10 years


fewer lost-time accidents than the previous year

Security also means Cyber, which ensures the continuity of our activities. Cybersecurity is a strategic issue that aims to protect our systems and sensitive information against digital attacks, and is now based on a solid foundation with organised and aware teams. 2023 marks the strengthening of IT security for the Schmidt Group through a number of key initiatives:
  • The implementation of an information security management system based on human resources: employees are mobilised to serve our IT security.
  • Operational actions, such as training exercises in the event of a crisis: this enables us to put our organisation to the test and continually improve it.
  • Raising the awareness of all our teams to ensure greater vigilance, as proof that cyber security is everyone’s business.
The coming year will be key to further strengthening our practices and mobilising all our efforts in the service of flawless digital security, enabling us to work with complete confidence on our tools and projects for the future.