Strategy 2023

Schmidt Group continues to grow and invest and is confident about the future, despite some headwinds from an inflationary 2023 and a highly competitive market. Against this challenging backdrop, we have focused on the core of our business objective: to be successful in terms of sales volumes and consumers. Thanks to the commitment and agility of the entire Extended Enterprise, we have shown resilience in adapting to new situations and ended the year with results we can be proud of. Our dynamic territorial coverage, our international expansion, our conquest of new channels and the transformation of our sales methods: all these actions taken in the service of the business are proving successful, enabling us to consolidate our position as leader in home improvement.

Ambition 2024

Our main business objective for the coming year is to maintain our level of performance and volume in a market that will become even tighter. By continuing to work on territorial coverage, sales methods, the simplification of tools and numerous other business levers, Schmidt Groupe is staying on course and moving closer to its ambitious strategic objectives in a spirit of commitment and ever-stronger social responsibility.

ecommerce, a digital lever at the service of business

Schmidt and Cuisinella launched their eCommerce offer in 2021 through their online sales site offering decorative items and small furniture for every room in the house. On the strength of promising results over the past year, this sales channel will now enable shops to generate additional sales thanks to new levers deployed in 2023.
  • For several months now, our in-store sales teams have been able to recommend products from the eCommerce offering to their customers.Tables, chairs, lighting, decorative elements and even crockery can be added to 3D scenes, allowing consumers to imagine their future living spaces. To go one step further, customers can even be offered shopping lists to simplify their purchases and meet their expectations. This is a real differentiator for our brands and proof that Schmidt Group supports its customers down to the smallest, most personalised detail!
  • The aim now is to enhance this sales method to get eCommerce off the ground. Training our shop teams, equipping and decorating our points of sale and relationship marketing to maintain links with our existing customers are all levers that will enable us to support this business.

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