Strategy 2023

The year was marked by high points for our emblematic and historic brands, Schmidt and Cuisinella, and the more recent ID PRO. Major investments were made in terms of team commitment, marketing levers and the development of new channels: a solid strategy adapted to a historically tense and highly competitive context. Here's a look back at some of the key initiatives we've undertaken to increase brand awareness and strengthen our customers' purchasing power.

Ambition 2024

Anticipating the home of the future: that's the big challenge facing our teams in the coming years. Design, modularity and eco-design are the keys to getting as close as possible to the concerns of consumers, who expect brands to be more and more involved. It's up to us to rise to the challenge and create unique, personalised and responsible living spaces.

Home Design by Schmidt

Customised fittings for the whole house

Our homes are extensions of us, and since no one is standard, why should our homes be? To meet its customers’ desire for ultra-customisation, the Schmidt brand is expanding its Print collection: 24 decors, including 2 designed by Christian Lacroix Maison, are now part of the range. These exclusive printed decors allow everyone to express their style in every room of the house and are manufactured using processes that respect people and the planet.

The kitchen gets fresh air

In recent years, the desire to live outdoors has taken hold among many consumers. Schmidt is now responding to this desire by offering an outdoor kitchen that is just as well-equipped, high-quality and stylish as its other collections.

Resistant and specially designed for long-lasting outdoor use, the cabinet bodies are made from Qualimarine-certified aluminium and the structures are assembled using stainless steel screws. In terms of style, Schmidt offers 4 colours to suit the varied tastes of its customers.

Design studio: customisation at the heart of the experience

This inspiring space dedicated to the choice of materials and colours for its furnishings and to demonstrating our product quality is part of the evolution of the in-store experience. With its bright, creative and welcoming atmosphere and its “materials library”, the studio is sure to inspire and win over customers. More than 200 spaces of this type have already been set up in Schmidt shops in France and Spain. The aim is to equip all Schmidt shops with this creative studio so that all customers can enjoy the full in-store experience.