Strategy 2023

2023 saw the culmination of an ambitious and impactful process: our company is now a certified B Corp. This award is a testament to our commitment and validates the concrete choices we have made to make the world a better place. In line with our ambition to become a European business leader recognised for its positive impact on society and the environment, we have accelerated our positive impact actions across all our CSR pillars: Planet, People, Customers and Communities.

Ambition 2024

This year will mark a real acceleration for the corporate social responsibility of the Schmidt Group. Sustainable development must become the primary criterion for our corporate strategy, and we want to measure our success not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of satisfied customers, satisfied employees and positive impact. With our B Corp certification as a concrete proof of our commitment, we are on our way to re-enchanting our business model in the service of a better life together!

LET'S TAKE ACTION FOR Decarbonisation

Schmidt Groupe is committed to avoiding and reducing its carbon footprint. This decarbonisation process focuses on 3 areas: transport, energy and eco-design. Following an internal audit and the identification of a number of decarbonisation levers by 2022, Schmidt Groupe is taking action. Supported and advised by its partner WWF, Schmidt Groupe is working to reduce its impact through a number of initiatives led by committed teams.

  • Transport

The vehicle fleet is being converted to 100% electric. Tests are being carried out on inter-site shuttles and internal vehicles to obtain conclusive results and significantly reduce our carbon emissions. These measures, combined with the pooling of transport between Germany and Italy and a reduction in the stock of facades and hardware, will save 400 tonnes of CO2 by 2023.

  • Energy efficiency

Thanks to its energy efficiency plan, Schmidt Group has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 10% compared to the previous year. 24% of total energy consumption comes from renewable sources and 25% from France. Improved management of air flows and heating, the installation of solar panels and the development of LEDs are just some of the concrete measures taken to optimise our energy consumption. We are also investigating the possibility of using our sawdust to produce biogas to further reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Ecodesign

Decarbonising the design of our products is a major undertaking. To meet this challenge, a first step was taken in 2023 with our suppliers to assess the carbon weight of our products. In addition to the 100% recycled Schmidt and Cuisinella ranges, the carbon impact of the entire product lifecycle must be minimised.

Eco-circularity in the test phase

What if we gave a second life to our kitchens? What if we reconditioned old kitchens to make new ones? This is the experiment that the Schmidt Groupe is carrying out, which is fully in line with what is known as the circular economy. The aim is to produce a kitchen that limits the consumption of raw materials and resources, and makes maximum use of old furniture. The first Schmidt Groupe eco-circular kitchen saw the light of day in 2023, and tests are continuing.