Strategy 2023

The year was marked by high points for our emblematic and historic brands, Schmidt and Cuisinella, and the more recent ID PRO. Major investments were made in terms of team commitment, marketing levers and the development of new channels: a solid strategy adapted to a historically tense and highly competitive context. Here's a look back at some of the key initiatives we've undertaken to increase brand awareness and strengthen our customers' purchasing power.

Ambition 2024

Anticipating the home of the future: that's the big challenge facing our teams in the coming years. Design, modularity and eco-design are the keys to getting as close as possible to the concerns of consumers, who expect brands to be more and more involved. It's up to us to rise to the challenge and create unique, personalised and responsible living spaces.

Cuisinella to boost purchasing power

The number one brand in spontaneous awareness in the Kitchen category, Cuisinella is looking forward to a dynamic 2023 based on its 4 pillars: style, cleverness, accessibility and commitment. Here, a look back at the brand’s highlights!


Cuisinella is reinforcing its strategy of differentiation and personalisation. The brand decided to let BrunoGraffer take the reins for the creation of a new credenza. This artist from Strasbourg takes us on a journey into his colourful street world. A splashback in which colours explode to give your kitchen a unique style. This new motif joins the 20 existing PIMP decors designed to personalise your interior.

For Cuisinella, working with BrunoGraffer means reaching a younger target audience and benefiting from the artist’s reputation and visibility.

Tips and tricks

A local grocery shop is good. A local grocery shop in your own home is even better! That’s the promise of the “pantry” by Cuisinella. A differentiating piece of furniture and a seductive asset to attract consumers to the shop, it inspires a more responsible way of consuming. (Re)discover it here in pictures!


Against a backdrop of unprecedented inflation, Cuisinella offered its customers the possibility of free financing. This was a real boost to business: 21.8% of sales were financed on credit, and a 33-point increase in sales was recorded during the campaign.

In terms of affordability, the Cuisinella Start range offers a low-cost product from €2,600. It will account for 20% of the brand’s sales by 2023. Proof that accessibility is essential if we are to meet customers’ current expectations!


Cuisinella’s 33.3 marketing campaign is a dual commitment to purchasing power and “better consumption”. The brand has committed to withdrawing vitroceramic hobs from its sales, as they consume 33.3% more energy than induction hobs. Combined with a 33.3% discount for customers switching to induction hobs, Cuisinella is meeting a twofold challenge with this operation: saving money and energy to promote more responsible consumption!