2023 strategy

Schmidt Group continues to grow and invest and is confident about the future, despite some headwinds from an inflationary 2023 and a highly competitive market. Against this challenging backdrop, we have focused on the core of our business objective: to be successful in terms of sales volumes and consumers. Thanks to the commitment and agility of the entire Extended Enterprise, we have shown resilience in adapting to new situations and ended the year with results we can be proud of. Our dynamic territorial coverage, our international expansion, our conquest of new channels and the transformation of our sales methods: all these actions taken in the service of the business are proving successful, enabling us to consolidate our position as leader in home improvement.

Ambition 2024

Our main business objective for the coming year is to maintain our level of performance and volume in a market that will become even tighter. By continuing to work on territorial coverage, sales methods, the simplification of tools and numerous other business levers, Schmidt Groupe is staying on course and moving closer to its ambitious strategic objectives in a spirit of commitment and ever-stronger social responsibility.

Territorial coverage

Part of the Schmidt Groupe teams is responsible for developing and optimising the territorial coverage of the Schmidt and Cuisinella shop network. New shop openings, shop transfers and remodelling have a single objective: to offer high-performance sales tools and differentiating customer experiences across all territories in France and abroad.

An exceptional year

A record 82 new stores opened in 2023, illustrating the Schmidt Groupe’s dynamic expansion. These new shops will strengthen the existing network, which will have a total of 914 outlets by the end of 2023.

Spread over 22 countries, mainly in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom), this exclusive network of retail partners provides Schmidt Groupe with extensive territorial coverage and proximity to its customers.

Ambitious growth targets have been set to continue the creation of new territories to be covered.

Optimising territorial coverage means anticipating shop transfers and overhauls. In this context, Schmidt Groupe supports its network and ensures its sustainability and overall coherence. In particular, the teams carry out diagnostics of existing points of sale and ensure that they faithfully reflect the image of our Schmidt and Cuisinella brands. The 53 refurbishments and relocations carried out by 2023 will enable us to offer genuine sales tools that showcase our expertise. As part of its 2030 strategic plan, Schmidt Groupe has set itself the target of reaching 1,000 shops. The exceptional growth in store openings in 2023 confirms the Group’s solidity and the strength of its network, both in France and internationally.