Strategy 2023

Throughout the year, the men and women of our Extended Enterprise were mobilised around key people issues. In addition to safety, which is our top priority, a number of initiatives were launched in the service of people: the transformation of our workplaces and the way we work together, the anchoring of our values, measures to support employees' purchasing power, etc. With positive impact as the cornerstone of its strategy, the Schmidt Group puts people at the heart of its approach.

Ambition 2024

To achieve our ambitious strategic plan and continue our evolution towards a company with a sustainable positive impact, we need to mobilise the women and men in our ecosystem. This acceleration of responsibility goes hand in hand with changes in our organisations, our businesses, our capabilities and our people. While preserving our DNA and strengthening our culture, we need to adapt to these new challenges and bring all our stakeholders on board, thanks to key human behaviours such as responsibility and collaboration!

Social policy

Supporting the purchasing power of employees

In the current economic climate,  Schmidt Group is keen to support the purchasing power of its employees. Thanks to a positive dialogue and collective work with the staff representatives, the company has reached new agreements that guarantee measures in favour of all employees. The main measures include wage increases, an increase in the seniority bonus, the payment of a value-sharing bonus and changes to the paternity leave policy.

Working hand in hand on a wide range of social issues

The rich and rhythmic social agenda encourages ongoing dialogue with the trade unions on a wide range of topics: teleworking, professional equality, training, retirement, pension schemes, etc. A very wide range of topics are addressed through committees to open up debate and reach collective decisions.

Creating moments of cohesion and celebration