Strategy 2023

2023 saw the culmination of an ambitious and impactful process: our company is now a certified B Corp. This award is a testament to our commitment and validates the concrete choices we have made to make the world a better place. In line with our ambition to become a European business leader recognised for its positive impact on society and the environment, we have accelerated our positive impact actions across all our CSR pillars: Planet, People, Customers and Communities.

Ambition 2024

This year will mark a real acceleration for the corporate social responsibility of the Schmidt Group. Sustainable development must become the primary criterion for our corporate strategy, and we want to measure our success not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of satisfied customers, satisfied employees and positive impact. With our B Corp certification as a concrete proof of our commitment, we are on our way to re-enchanting our business model in the service of a better life together!


After a long and demanding process that began in April 2022, we are very proud to have joined the Positive Impact Company movement in November 2023. This achievement is the success of the whole company and the fruit of a collective effort that has involved the whole company since its inception.

More than just a label, B Corp is an international movement that brings together more than 7,200 B Certified companies in 93 countries, including 350 in France. All B Corp companies share a common vision: we place positive impact at the heart of our priorities, adopting high social and environmental standards in order to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy… while preserving the balance between profitability and responsibility.

Schmidt Groupe was certified with a score of 84.3 points. We explain what B Corp is, how to become one and why. Click here to find out more.

“Faced with the acceleration of climate and social disruption, we at Schmidt Groupe, a committed extended enterprise, want to act faster and stronger in reinventing your personalised, sustainable living space so that you live better. And together we will contribute to reinventing the way we live in the world.” Anne Leitzgen, President